Reits: Eco Friendly Real Estate Investing

There are a lot of people who well understand the importance of taking a note of the carbon footprint they are leaving on the planet these days. Some of these same people would love to be members of the investment market, but worry about the impact they may be having on the planet, especially if they are thinking of investing in real estate.

Believe it or not you can make money investing in real estate and still be green. You just have to know how to do it and where to look.

These days many real estate investors are putting their money into real estate investment trusts (REITs). A REIT is essentially a fund that allows a company to either build or manage a real estate entity. Essentially you are purchasing a share of that entity whether it is a home, apartment complex, shopping mall or industrial warehousing complex.

The way you make money on a REIT is through profits from the property. For example, if it is a commercial real estate property, when the tenants pay their leases, the profit from that (or at least most of it) is returned to the investors in the form of dividends, just like you would get on other stocks and bonds.

While this all may be well and good as an investment strategy, you may wonder how you can use this investing tool as a way to be eco friendly. Well, that’s simple. There are a lot of real estate management groups that specialize in eco friendly and green construction.

The fact is that new construction will always be necessary. With the rate the population is growing, there will always be a need for new homes and businesses to support them. But the key is in making sure that new ventures are being as friendly to the environment as possible.

When you are researching the REITs to buy into, look for properties that have worked to be more sustainable such as those that have a number of energy saving measures and others that conserve water. You may also want to look for those that have been created with environmentally friendly materials and methods of construction.

It’s not that hard to find these types of companies. You can go to a company like and look up REITs that are specialized in this way. On you can even continue through the process and purchase the REITs you are interested in.

These days companies are bragging about their construction methods and maintenance plans to be more environmentally friendly. A lot of people will be happy to pay good money to live in such eco friendly places. That is money that will become a part of your profit if you are investing in REITs that support eco friendly construction.

The other thing to think about when it comes to profitability from green buildings is that not only are these buildings more attractive because of that designation, but they are also improving your bottom line in another way. The more sustainable the building is (i.e. less power use and water use) the lower the monthly costs to manage and more profit that can come back to you.

While on the front side green building can cost 2-3 percent more to build than traditional structures the impact on the environment and your bottom line will be worth it in the years to come.

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Understanding The Green Building Boom

Demand for environmentally friendly buildings has grown considerably in recent years, and Realtors are making a lot of money helping investors buy and sell them. As this market grows, it’s up to savvy agents to follow new green technology, and the changing interests of buyers. Government green building incentives and international treaties are also a big factor, and agents who know what policies are next can often anticipate demand.

Part of the reason green buildings took so long to attract demand was the lack of knowledge on the subject. Many developers assumed building costs would be inaccesibly high because of standards that had to be met, and materials required. But in recent years the opposite has happened – buyer awareness has helped expand the market, and many developers have found green buildings to be much less expensive than they assumed. As green buildings become more common, construction materials, such as insulative glass, and public information, have increased dramatically.

Realtors looking for the latest information and industry perspective on green buildings can attend now attend regular conferences on the subject, which are among the most popular events in the real estate industry these days. The most common theme at these events is how to stay ahead of the curve, and ensure green developments don’t go out of date as new technologies emerge.

Green buildings are also having an impact on the buy-sell cycle of many real estate markets, because their owners act differently than other buyers and sellers. Many green building owners and renters keep their homes for longer before selling them, a trend running counter to the common practice of buying and flipping in many high-end markets. With sustainable value comes higher overall prices, and the demand for better construction and longer lasting buildings.

The benefits of environmentally friendly construction are now well known: these buildings have a smaller demand on power and plumbing, resources resulting in fewer greenhouse gases and less resource extraction, heating and cooling cost savings, and more comfortable living spaces. They’re also generally more attractive and complementary to the cityscape.

Realtors who understand the benefits green construction, and know how to talk about it with buyers and sellers, will profit considerably as demand for these buildings increases. Now’s the time to learn all you can about this exciting new home market.

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Playa Del Carmen Real Estate Area Receives New Parks

Playa del Carmen Real Estate enjoys the benefit of being right on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches; on top of this, Playa del Carmen Real Estate is never from a picturesque park, with beautiful green areas, relaxing benches and a playground for children. In the TopMexicoRealEstate NETWORK, we are certified professionals that specialize in guiding new buyers through the Mexican purchasing process, and we are committed to helping buyers find the property right you.

Finding a property in a relaxing community, with plenty of green space is important for many buyers. The municipal and federal government continue to show financial commitment to keeping up this aspect of Playa del Carmen Real Estate, investing in keeping up existing parks, and building new ones.

This commitment can be seen in the fact that this month Playa del Carmen Real Estate has seen the opening of two new parks. Romn Quian Alcocer, the mayor Solidaridad – Playa del Carmen’s municipality – and the delegate of SEDESOL, Mercedes Hernndez Rojas, officially opened the new parks early in September, which received an investment of over 5.5 million pesos. The investment was funded by City Hall and the federal government.

These projects, which began on 15 May this year and ended in September, belong to program for developing public spaces in the Playa del Carmen Real Estate area, and are intended to provide public spaces where residents can participate in sports activities and encourage family life.

Quian said that these parks are evidence of the extent to which the federal government is cooperating with the municipal government to continue developing the city’s infrastructure for the benefit of Playa del Carmen’s residents.

“Playa del Carmen is a city of opportunities; parks and public gardens, strengthen healthy leisure activities among residents, keeping our youth in constant activity,” he said.

One of the new parks consists of two sports areas – one fast-soccer field with synthetic grass and one for basketball, each with two sets of bleachers for 300 people. It has a playground area, over 905 square yards of green space, over 500 square yards of pedestrian walkways and a security booth.

The second park with the multipurpose sports field received an investment of one million 950 thousand pesos. This park has basketball courts and soccer fields, two sets of bleachers, over 100 yards “eco-friendly” concrete perimeter wall, which prevents the water build-up caused by rain.

Also, the mayor providing also delivered support material for the workshops which will be held throughout the week in these public places; one of the workshops will be a theater workshop.

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Real Estate Property India Adopting Green Technology

The green technology has become an unavoidable segment of the construction companies in the west but it is very sad that it hasn’t progress much in India. When it comes to taking an example of complete green building then the name of Wipro shines brightly. One can say that it might be the start of the concept of green technology. It has been reported that a few real estate companies have received a good count of proposals from various multi-national companies. There is a possibility that it would gear up the implementation of green technology in real estate property India.

Presently house interior designers and decorators in the real estate sector are focusing much on this crucial technology. People those who have decorated their apartments with the help of such designers are living happily with the well constructed and decorated apartments. Even most of the multi-national companies in India have been using green interior designers for giving a green look to the interior parts of their commercial building. Although the building many not be designed with the green technology but they have used this next generation technology in a small way.

The future plans of real estate property India is to adopt green technology and to utilize it in the upcoming new projects. Some the well-known property experts suggest that the government of India should make it compulsory for any multi-national company to construct building with complete usage of green technology. Some of the critics in the real estate sector say that green buildings would cost lots of money. However, it is not like that. Green technology helps companies to save much on their utility bills. One of the most sophisticated tools of this technology is the improved water supply facility. Most of the big hotels in different parts of the world use solar water heating system which results in less electricity bills. Hence real estate property India has miles to cover in the field of green technology.

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Roatan Property Offers Real Estate Deals

Roatan is known destination in Bay Island, situated on western Caribbean. It is a dream come true of having your own home here. Imagine those wonderful Caribbean sunsets, lush green surrounding, clear turquoise water and gentle calm breeze blowing around you in your life. This is really dream life and all of us want to save such a life.

Roatan property services are meant to provide you all the comforts of living in your own home. If you have not bought your own home, Roatan real estate services cater to needs of all you who are dreaming of owning a home. You will get high quality services in buying a dream home or selling your home or buying an income generating beachfront home. All these services are offered on your demand.

Caribbean island is full of green nature and is tropical also. One can get spectacular views from any location of the island. Nature resides here with its complete beauty. You will also notice barrier reef which is shelter to 97% of coral species in Caribbean. This reef is world’s second largest reef. Besides you will also find island of Utila very popularly known in the world to spot the whale shark fish in this area.

For an eco-tourist, it is memorable to swim with whale shark fish as they can grow upto 60ft in length. It is obvious who will not keen to own a house in such a fabulous location. Roatan property has expertise in dealing with services of real estate leading to buying and selling of different house, villas, Apartments etc. Generally people do not have idea of real estate market prices and so we deal with properties to help buyers and sellers.

Beach villas and houses is a dream home for millions of people. You can find various offers with Roatan real estate property advisors. They are here to let you feel ease in buying, selling or to rent a property. All your real estate property needs are solved here. If you have identified a property then you can contact Roatan property to get details and help you.

If you are simply looking for a property then property agents will take you to explore different properties in Caribbean. Even the Roatan properties team will help you to sell any type of properties in Roatan. The team has extensive expertise in dealing with various property for buying, selling, renting.

Whenever you are planning to buy a property in lush green tropical reason of Caribbean then you must seek advice from reputed services. The agents go to any length to help in getting your choice of property. On the site of Roatan property you can also search for any kind of villas, apartments.

You can search in various categories if you want to buy a property, you can also list your property details for sell. To rent, you can list details accordingly. You can call up and ask a Roatan property agent or advisor to help you on your query. Explore your desired property online on the Roatan property website and find the detail information about it.

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