Playa Del Carmen Real Estate Area Receives New Parks

Playa del Carmen Real Estate enjoys the benefit of being right on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches; on top of this, Playa del Carmen Real Estate is never from a picturesque park, with beautiful green areas, relaxing benches and a playground for children. In the TopMexicoRealEstate NETWORK, we are certified professionals that specialize in guiding new buyers through the Mexican purchasing process, and we are committed to helping buyers find the property right you.

Finding a property in a relaxing community, with plenty of green space is important for many buyers. The municipal and federal government continue to show financial commitment to keeping up this aspect of Playa del Carmen Real Estate, investing in keeping up existing parks, and building new ones.

This commitment can be seen in the fact that this month Playa del Carmen Real Estate has seen the opening of two new parks. Romn Quian Alcocer, the mayor Solidaridad – Playa del Carmen’s municipality – and the delegate of SEDESOL, Mercedes Hernndez Rojas, officially opened the new parks early in September, which received an investment of over 5.5 million pesos. The investment was funded by City Hall and the federal government.

These projects, which began on 15 May this year and ended in September, belong to program for developing public spaces in the Playa del Carmen Real Estate area, and are intended to provide public spaces where residents can participate in sports activities and encourage family life.

Quian said that these parks are evidence of the extent to which the federal government is cooperating with the municipal government to continue developing the city’s infrastructure for the benefit of Playa del Carmen’s residents.

“Playa del Carmen is a city of opportunities; parks and public gardens, strengthen healthy leisure activities among residents, keeping our youth in constant activity,” he said.

One of the new parks consists of two sports areas – one fast-soccer field with synthetic grass and one for basketball, each with two sets of bleachers for 300 people. It has a playground area, over 905 square yards of green space, over 500 square yards of pedestrian walkways and a security booth.

The second park with the multipurpose sports field received an investment of one million 950 thousand pesos. This park has basketball courts and soccer fields, two sets of bleachers, over 100 yards “eco-friendly” concrete perimeter wall, which prevents the water build-up caused by rain.

Also, the mayor providing also delivered support material for the workshops which will be held throughout the week in these public places; one of the workshops will be a theater workshop.

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